The Fastest Growing Valve Facility in the Northeast!

RENCOR Controls has a proven history of meeting and exceeding the industry standards for valve repair and installation with over twenty years of in-house expertise in the manufacturing and repair of ball valves and control valves.

RENCOR'S Quality and Commitment

We offer the highest ball grinding technology in the industry today.

The most successful plating process for chrome, nickel, stellite, and other hard coatings.

Full quality control from date of receipt to shipment. We meet and exceed both manufacturer and OEM standards from parts tracking to final assembly.

RENCOR Controls is the largest Metal Seated Ball Valve distributor on the East Coast who can guarantee top quality and service that won't break your maintenance budget.

When cost is important and delivery is a must. Rencor can give this as well as fully warranteed valves to meet your service conditions.

Ball Valve Grinding & Repair

Don't scrap old ball valves! We can repair, replate or hard coat them and grind to O.E.M. specifications. We can manufacture complete valve components to your specifications.You can choose between chrome or electroless nickel plating or stellite, nickel boron or chrome carbide hard coating.

Pre-refurbished valve
After Refurbishment Valve

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